“Free Ukraine Fund” encourages investments

The Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center, which celebrates its 3rd anniversary on April 2, is implementing a project to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities with the help of advanced technologies and innovations 

Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2014, the team of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center has been assisting the Defense Forces, delivering everything Ukrainian defenders need directly to the front line.

During this time, with the support of international partners, dozens of vehicles, hundreds of satellite communication systems, sets of protective ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc., worth tens of millions of hryvnias, have been delivered.

However, the challenges posed by the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation force us to look for new approaches to support Ukraine’s defenders, who are bringing victory closer every day.

It is to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities with the help of advanced technologies and innovations that the USCC team launched the Free Ukraine Fund project. Its implementation involves supporting Ukraine’s combat units (SU Kraken of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the 32nd separate mechanized brigade and others) through the constant supply of new technologies from manufacturers to their needs.

For 2024, the project initiators have set a goal of raising $500,000 to provide the units with comprehensive military equipment and ammunition. This includes vehicles, drones, communications and modern equipment.

Given the available resources, the Free Ukraine Fund is quite capable of accumulating the stated amount, and it counts on the support of its initiative from potential partners. After all, only together we can defeat a cruel and insidious enemy.

For more details on how to join the project, follow the link

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