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Belarus-Russia: Integration or imitation

“Union state”, integration. Minsk followed this meeting with particular attention. According to the USCC’s sources in the Ukrainian special services, the illegitimate President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, feared that he might be traded between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin during the talks, and even demanded assurances from the Russian president that nothing alike would happen.

Russia-Belarus military exercises 2021: training for assault operations in densely populated areas with the use of Russian equipment

According to the USCC’s sources in the Ukrainian special services, Russia is taking active measures to expand its military presence in Belarus. Since March Russia has intensified joint military exercises of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, introducing modern models of weapons and military equipment of Russian production.

Belarus authorities under Russia’s command pursue repressive policies

A wave of mass repressions against the opposition, activists and the media is underway in Belarus. The vast majority of cases end in real significant terms of imprisonment for their defendants. Moreover, according to our information from sources in the Ukrainian special services, the process of Russia’s creeping “absorption” of Belarus continues: the republican KGB currently employs many representatives of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

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