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USCC team reports from Kherson

“Russians built three defense lines on the right bank of the Dnipro, though it didn’t save them. They fled leaving all these fortifications and Kherson, which they promised to protect until their last mobilized soldier”

Report of the USCC team from the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv Oblast.

“If you remove the asymmetric advantage of the russians in artillery, they will not only stop fighting, they will run”, – said Serhii Kuzan in his comment for Financial Times. 

The results of the counterattack in the Kharkiv region clearly showed this.

In the spring and summer, Russia increased its military contingent in the Crimea

За весну-літо Росія збільшила свій військовий контингент у Криму

Russia has not returned to its permanent location all the units involved in large-scale military exercises earlier this year, but has only increased its contingent in Crimea.

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