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USCC panel discussion: “Russian Politics and Donbas. War, disinformation and Western indifference”

On 11 September, in Munich, the Ukrainian  Security and Cooperation Center held a panel discussion on Russian disinformation in the West. The speakers discussed why the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2014 was called the “forgotten war” and how successful Russian disinformation campaigns were in Germany. 

“Ukrainian refugees are the target of Russian propaganda” – USCC expert at a briefing on Russian propaganda against Ukrainian refugees

On 31 August, Ukraine Crisis Media Center hosted a discussion on “Ukrainian refugees are the target of Russian propaganda. How the Kremlin’s campaign to persecute Ukrainians in the world unfolded”. 

Russian Hydra in Europe: Czech Republic Under Attack

To destabilize the internal political situation in European countries, Russia is waging a hybrid war that began long before its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The countries that actively support Ukrainians are the most pressured.

How Transnistria is preparing for the election in Moldova

Every time the election process sets off in Moldova, the issues of the occupied territories become more acute. This was the case during the 2020 presidential election, and now the issue of self-proclaimed Transnistria (TMR) is gaining momentum due to the early parliamentary election scheduled for July 11.

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