We are Ukrainians. We are those for whom national resistance is about generational continuity. Our struggle is moving to a professional level – an organised system of comprehensive struggle enshrined in the Military Security Strategy.

It should be implemented through the adoption of the draft law No. 5557 “On the basis of national resistance”. It will help to solve the problem of involvement the whole society in countering threats to national security and repelling aggression from another state, and development a clear policy at the state level aimed at organising national resistance in Ukraine as an integral part of the state’s comprehensive defence.

The purpose of the law is to strengthen Ukraine’s defence capability by engaging the whole society in countering the aggressor. This approach implies that the defence of Ukraine is a national challenge and is carried out both in the government-controlled and occupied territories of our country.

National resistance will live!

Today, on July 16, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Law №5557 on the Fundamentals...


Components of the draft law 5557

Historical continuity

The Ukrainian dissident movement, the OUN underground network, and the partisan units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The uprisings in Kengir, Norilsk and Vorkuta, the resistance of Ukrainian students in October 1990, For more than 70 years, thanks to national resistance, we have been fighting for the freedom, which we are now defending with arms. For almost 30 years of independence, the national resistance of Ukrainians has radically changed the vector of development of the Ukrainian state at least twice.


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Objectives of the draft law No 5557
  • formation of national resistance in Ukraine;
  • promoting the widest possible involvement of society in actions for ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state;
  • defining the tasks of territorial defence, the resistance movement and preparing Ukrainian citizens for national resistance;
  • establishing the procedure for organising, preparing and conducting territorial defence and the resistance movement;
  • regulation of the powers of state authorities and local self-government bodies on national resistance;
  • determining the principles of financing and material support of the national resistance, and ensuring social protection of military personnel and volunteers of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and persons performing tasks of the resistance movement
Full text of the draft law