Russia is the world’s number one terrorist

Under these slogans, on March 30, Ukrainian communities in Europe held demonstrations to remind the world of the source of the greatest danger to it.

In particular, such events were held in Germany, Portugal, Norway, and Latvia.

By taking to the streets of their cities, Ukrainians continued to focus the world’s attention on the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine, which are becoming more and more serious.

“At our demonstrations, we always have one of the themes or main slogans – the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state. In our opinion, the sooner the world realizes this, the more effectively they will act and use all available methods against Russia. As soon as Russia is recognized as a terrorist by international organizations and national states, we will no longer have to ask foreign companies to boycott its market or impose sanctions, etc. These actions will be a logical response to its status as a global threat and the largest terrorist state in the world,”

Kateryna Demerza, a representative of the Vitsche Berlin, commented on the demands of the demonstrators in Berlin.

The demonstrators claim the Kremlin has been carrying out a strong information campaign in the past week to divert attention from its terrorist actions.

“But it is our duty to constantly remind that Russia is the main terrorist and must be held accountable for its actions,” is the demonstrators’ main message to the governments of Western countries.

Demonstrations against Putins regime held in Europe

The actions were supported by the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center and the European Congress of Ukrainians.

“On all world platforms, we have to say what an evil Putin’s regime is! Putting pressure on Ukraine to give up its territories to Russia means supporting the Russian occupation and all the consequences for the local population. Two years ago, in Bucha and Borodianka, the world saw what the “Russian world” imposed on Ukraine looks like: countless graves, rape and torture. And we have to do everything to prevent its spread!”

said Serhii Kuzan, Head of the USCC.
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