On 24 February 2022, russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine during a meeting of the UN Security Council. Using its veto power in the institution, on 25 February 2022, russia vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning its criminal actions on the territory of Ukraine. In April 2023, a terrorist state may become the next presidency of the central institution responsible for maintaining international peace and security


Veto is in the hands of the terrorist. It is our duty to stop it



Crimea is Ukraine. It was, is and will be!

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Russia’s membership in international institutions is based on its credibility.



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Serhii Kuzan
Chairman of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Centre

Pete Schmiegel
Australian author, public and political figure

Anastasia Signaevska
Co-coordinator of the Czech initiative Hlas Ukrajiny

Alina Zubkovych
Chairman of the Swedish organisation Nordic Ukraine Forum


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