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WHAT’S NEXT: Assessment of Russia’s economic capabilities on the eve of 2024

Sanctions bypassing by Russia means more than $100 billion for the war in Ukraine. This amount is allocated for the army in the Russian budget for 2024. This amount is the biggest  for Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite the sanctions, the Russian economy is stabilizing and demonstrates its readiness to support…

Elections in Occupied Territories: An Attempt to Legitimize Occupation

Since 2014, Russia has been trying to create the illusion of legitimacy for its actions on the territory of Ukraine: the occupation of Crimea, the creation of new republics that it later incorporated into the federation, and eventually a full-scale invasion. Not the least role in this is systematically played by “independent international experts” who are in fact European citizens paid by the Kremlin and those who are also responsible for Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Postponed “Judgment Day”: how Russian narratives around the war have changed

Over the course of 19 months of full-scale war in Ukraine, Russian headlines that once boasted about the successes of “theirs” have transformed into attempts to reassure the Russian society.

Legitimising the ‘pseudo-elections’: how the West turns a blind eye to Russian crimes

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Kremlin has been illegally holding “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine using the same methodology: legitimising the illegal occupation and creating the illusion of democracy.

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