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On May 30 the photo exhibition «Year of Invincibility. The point of no return» was presented in the Romanian Parliament 

Over the past 4 days, Russia has launched 140 strikes on the territory of Ukraine with drones and missiles, killing three civilians and injuring 14 more. As Russia conducts the largest-scale war in Europe since the Second World War, destroying and taking the lives of Ukrainian civilians, we are telling the world about Russia’s crimes and reminding Europe that the war is much closer than it may seem.

Kremlin provokes religious conflicts and suppress protests of Islamic followers

On 22 March, Ramadan began, a holy month for Muslims and the most important ceremonial period for believers in Islam. This year, Ramadan exacerbated the already strained relations between Muslims and Russians, and concentrated religious conflicts. By using followers of Islam as cannon fodder in the so-called “special military operation”, the Russian authorities are simultaneously suppressing the voice of Muslims in the country and deliberately provoking religious conflicts, “spicing” them up with persecution and arrests.

Serhii Kuzan, Co-founder and Chairman of Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center appealed to public and politicians during a demonstration in Munich

голова Українського центру безпеки та співпраці на головній площі Мюнхену

On February 18 at the main square in Munich, the demonstration for the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council took place. The demonstration was held during the Summit of the G7 Foreign Ministers and the Munich Security Conference. Leading German politicians, members of the Bundestag, and a delegation of USCC took part in this demonstration.

russian schools will talk about sacrifice for the motherland as Dagestan to open russian guard classes

russian authorities keep trying to turn the new generation of russians into obedient soldiers. Inaddition to the well-known Yunarmy, a militarist youth organization that was founded by therussia’s defense ministry, and special cadet classes, this year russian propaganda machinewill get to all the students. Starting September, russian schools will introduce thirty-minute classes called “Talks onimportant…

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