Koval: the philosophy of “foundations of national resistance” is aimed at achieving combat capabilities to repel the enemy in the shortest possible time

On May 25, Bill 5557 “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance” was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. It provides for the broad involvement of the population in the defense and defense of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in fact – the creation of a system of national resistance at various levels.

Given the fact that Ukraine has been in an undeclared war since 2014, # 5557 is very urgent for our country. The philosophy of the “national resistance foundations ” is aimed at achieving combat capabilities to repel the enemy in the shortest possible time. This was stated in an interview with Army Inform the First by Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Colonel-General Mykhailo Koval, Doctor of Military Sciences.

“Why did the bill come out right now? First of all, because the process of strategic planning continued. The National Security Strategy, the Military Security Strategy have been approved, and the elaboration of the Strategic Defense Bulletin and the Development Program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being completed. The draft law “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance” that we submitted had to be fully adapted to these strategic documents, which it did. In fact, it takes into account everything that is necessary for the defense of our state today, “Koval said.

The bill was drafted by a working group that included representatives of the Ukrainian President Office, the National Security and Defense Council, the Defence Ministry , the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff, the Land Forces, Special Operations Forces, the Internal Affairs Ministry, the Security Service, volunteers and others.

Also an innovation of the bill 5557 – the creation of an effective territorial defense, which will consist of two types: military and voluntary.

In addition, Bill # 5557 is another step towards the introduction of NATO standards.

“It is important that the bill harmonizes all aspects of the implementation of NATO standards, creates a legislative basis for a system of continuous defense. In particular, the division has been made: objects of strategic importance will be guarded by the National Guard, the State Service for Special Transport of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine and other special units, and military and volunteer units of terrorist defense will work at the local level, “said the colonel general.

According to Army Inform

Full interview at: https://bit.ly/34FwN5g 

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