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Each flag must be in its place

фото з акції у Празі 24 березня, на кріслі російський прапор з деокупованого міста Куп‘янськ

“There is a huge difference between perceiving and understanding the war when you see the consequences of the “russian world” through your smartphone and by your own eyes”.

Under Siege: How the Ukrainian Army Is Preparing for a Possible Russian Attack

Delegation of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center together with the British journalist of “The Guardian” Luke Harding visited the places of possible aggression of the Armed Forces and units of the Russian Federation

Russia and Belarus: Blackmailing the EU and joint threats to Ukraine

The “migration crisis” on the EU’s eastern borders, ongoing for several months, has intensified in recent weeks, leading to a state of emergency in the Polish and Lithuanian border areas with Belarus. The issue of introducing the state of emergency is also being considered in Ukraine.  Another escalation has led to the death of migrants,…

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