Taran: the national resistance idea is an integral part of Ukraine’s comprehensive defense measures

The draft law “On the basis of national resistance” can significantly strengthen the country’s ability to defend itself. This was stated by the Defense Minister of Ukraine Andriy Taran.

“The idea of national resistance is an integral part of Ukraine’s comprehensive defense measures. Active involvement of citizens in the organization of military security, ensuring the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, provided for in the legislative initiatives of the head of state, allows to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience”, – Andriy Taran deems.

Also, according to the Defence Minister, the bill #5557 introduced by the President creates the necessary preconditions for the implementation of the military security strategy as soon as possible. If adopted, Ukraine will have the prerequisites to organize measures to deter and repel aggression, which will force the enemy to stop the aggression against Ukraine.

Details about the bill: https://bit.ly/3vKVzwM

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