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Poker table of the Russian-Ukrainian war: will Europe throw up cards?

The Kremlin did not choose the course to destabilize Europe yesterday, and the threat from Russia is growing every year. On the one hand, NATO’s activation on the Eastern Borders is a positive demonstration of its capabilities.

Hryhoriy Halahan: Ukraine is becoming an equal partner for NATO member states

Commander of the Special Operations Forces Hryhoriy Halahan is an outstanding example of a new generation of Ukrainian commanders who took oath in times of Ukraine’s independence and have a qualitatively different mindset.

Compulsory-voluntary vaccination: how Russia is testing “Sputnik V” in the occupied territories

At the same time, according to sources of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center (USCC) in the Ukrainian special services, the Russian authorities have created such conditions in the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions that it is almost impossible to avoid vaccination with doubtful vaccines.

National resistance: history and modern challenges

The history of Ukraine in the 20th century is full of heroic pages of the struggle for the restoration of independence. After the First World War, the independent Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic emerged on Ukrainian lands, and on January 22, 1919, they merged into a single United State.

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