Under the Red Cross brand, state terrorism is financed in Russia

Under the Red Cross brand, state terrorism is financed in Russia – the world should stop this 

Using the neutrality principle, the Red Cross tries to hide the facts that on its behalf the Russian terror against Ukrainians is supported.  

The Russian war against Ukraine made many terrible things public. In the meanwhile, one of the hardest discoveries became the “activity of the International Red Cross, the most trusted organization in the world, which always acted with the highest standards. Always, but not now.

In 2022, terrorism has been started financing under the Red Cross brand.

Besides the scandals with the visit of the President of the ICRC Peter Maurer to Moscow, the attempt to open a so-called “refugee center” in Rostov-on-Don, and the promotion of the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia, it became public from the official pages of the Russian Red Cross about raising funds to support those mobilized for the war with Ukraine of Russians and their families.

Such an initiative of the Russian Red Cross is carried out in close cooperation with the “all-Russian campaign to help families of military personnel and mobilized citizens #мывместе”, which was initiated by Vladimir Putin. One of the official co-founders of this movement is State Duma deputy from the “United Russia” Artyom Metelev.

The Russian Red Cross transfers funds to this campaign. 

An organization conducting the campaign calls itself charitable, but its activity aims to make death. Programs, which are financed by the organization include:

–           • programs for tailoring military uniforms and ammunition,

–           • collection of military drones,

–           • cooking for the military.

This is not a complete list of assistance to Russian soldiers in Ukraine provided by #мывместе.

Even the program for kids can be found there, under which children are proposed to draft chocolate wrappers for Russian fighters. A promo page of this program contains a picture of a terrorist with a z-swastika on the background of the Russian flag with the characteristic inscriptions “победа будет za нами”, “zov” і “мы вместе”. On the “News” page of the organization’s website, you can find a few photos with the Red Cross symbolics.

Despite all mentioned above, the Russian Red Cross tries to justify itself by stating that they just transfer funds to #мывместе, and do not influence how such funds will be used further. 

Whereas the spheres of activity and funds spendings are publicly available. 

The Russian office of the Red Cross knew and with a good will cooperated with an organization close to Putin, not only financing #мывместе, but also advertising their activities on its official pages, popularizing fundraising in support of those mobilized for the war with Ukraine.

The main goal of this organization is to ensure the Putin’s fighters could feel the strong support of the Russian population when raping, looting, and killing in Ukraine. That is what the Russian Red Cross is financing. Not only the Russian office is responsible for this, but the whole structure of the International Federation of ICRC Societies and other organizations under the auspices of the Red Cross.

Moreover, in this case, the main principle of the Red Cross – neutrality is broken, as this has been started using to cover up the betrayal of the organization’s values.

Thus, communities of Ukrainians in Australia referred to the Australian Red Cross with a demand to react to the disputable actions of the Russian Red Cross. As a result, they received the answer that other structures under the auspices of the Red Cross cannot even evaluate such decisions publicly, motivating it by the same principle of “neutrality”.

As for now, the Ukrainian office of ICRC is the only one that blamed such actions of the Red Cross in Russia and called on its partners to take strict measures against the Russian office.

This also should be reminded that Ukrainians and concerned citizens around the world have repeatedly called on the ICRC to follow its charter and at least exclude the Russian Red Cross from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Also, the organization that criminally calls itself the “Russian Red Cross”  should be prohibited from using the emblem of the Red Cross.

Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center

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