Ukraine was advocated for in Finland

The Finnish capital Helsinki hosted the Nordic Ukraine Advocacy Summit, which was attended by Olesia Horiainova, co-founder and deputy head of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation, and Solomiya Khoma, an expert on hybrid warfare and head of the USCC’s International Cooperation.

The summit participants, representing civil society organizations from Ukraine, the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, participated in four panel discussions that focused on the role of foreign civil society organizations in providing long-term support to Ukraine.

“We are now at a point where the Ukrainian army under General Syrskyi is killing more than 1,000 occupiers a day, Ukrainian intelligence officers and Russian volunteers under General Budanov are destroying Putin’s army in the occupied territories and in Russia itself, President Zelenskyy is convening a global peace summit in Switzerland. And I’m speaking at an event in NATO’s 31st member state, Finland, which has finally become a full member of the Alliance.”

said Olesia Horiainova in her speech at the summit.

According to her, the international community, unfortunately, is still afraid of escalation, which Russia fears for supporting Ukraine by imposing restrictions on the use of Western weapons.

“But, like Hitler’s Germany, modern Russia can only be defeated by an alliance of democratic countries. And defeat in this war will be a defeat for the entire West.”

Olesia Horiainova emphasized.

Following the panel discussions, moderated by Solomiya Khoma, a joint declaration was adopted. It will serve as a roadmap for further advocacy efforts to ensure that the voice of civil society organizations remains strong and united in support of Ukraine.

The event was organized by the Association of Ukrainians in Finland and the Nordic Ukraine Forum from Sweden with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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