“Ukraine – Changing Epochs” representative of the USCC Kateryna Matey in the forum in Germany

On 10-11 November,a representative of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Centre  took part in the forum “Ukraine – Changing Epochs” in Inzel (Germany).  

The event, dedicated to Germany’s continued support for Ukraine, united more than 90 participants from both countries in a panel discussions devoted to bringing peace to Ukraine and exposing Russia’s true face. Kateryna Matey, representative of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Centre in Germany, spoke at the panel “Ukraine: Prospects for Peace and Reconstruction.” 

“A ‘negotiating table’ is exactly what Russia is seeking, speculating on the West’s war fatigue, activating its network of disinformation and allies around the world, and striking at Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.”

In her speech, Kateryna referred to the history of Ukrainian-Russian relations during the 9 years of war:
“In 2014-2022, Ukraine held almost 200 rounds of negotiations with Russia. During this time, 20 ceasefire agreements were reached, and all of them have been breached. On 24 February, no amount of diplomacy could prevent a direct war.” 

Kateryna Matey, representative of the USCC and participants of the forum “Ukraine – Changing Epochs”. Photo by Wilfried Hess

USCC speakers in Ukraine and around the world tirelessly remind that the key goal of Russia’s inducement to negotiate is to freeze the war in order to restore its own resources and maintain control over the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Kateryna Matey also noted that in case of peace, Ukraine will act exclusively according to the peace formula of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which is supported by the whole world. 

The key objectives after Ukraine’s victory remain unchanged: 
1. Establishment of an international tribunal and fair punishment of all offenders.
Without justice and punishment there will be no final peace with Russia, let alone reconciliation or further relations.

2. Reparations for reconstruction. Obviously, the Russians will not be particularly cooperative in this regard, so the West should confiscate frozen assets, real estate and other assets from sanctioned Russians and their families in the West, and create a legal framework for transferring these funds to Ukraine for reconstruction.

3. Demilitarization, deradicalisation and denazification of Russia and Russian society.

“An important factor for further peace in the world should be countering Russian influence and local Russian agents. The next stage is the demilitarization and denazification of Russians. After decades of spreading Russian disinformation and manipulation, a number of ethnic conflicts provoked by Russia, the West must recognise the threat of a long hybrid war and take it seriously,” Kateryna said at the end of her speech.

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“In addition to supporting Ukraine, Western countries should focus on the Russian presence in their countries – in the media, politics, and the public sector. This will help to prevent Russian lobbying and radicalisation of societies, and will also ensure unity among allies. The unity of a democratic society is a key weapon against Russian totalitarianism and dictatorship,” said Kateryna Matey, USCC representative in Germany. 

We thank Kateryna Matei for her participation in the event and her voice of Ukraine for the Western world. Only by іhedding light on the true nature of Russia and the needs of Ukraine we keep our partners focused on the war in Ukraine. We express our gratitude to the European Academy of Bavaria and the Critical Academy for organizing the event.

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