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On July 28, the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center held a panel discussion in Munich on “Russian Culture and Russia’s Aggressive War against Ukraine”

Speakers of the panel discussion “Russian culture and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine” During the discussion, the speakers addressed the interdependence of Russian culture and politics during the war. The event took place in cooperation with the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center’s partners in Germany: the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit (Friedrich Naumann Foundation for…

On May 30 the photo exhibition «Year of Invincibility. The point of no return» was presented in the Romanian Parliament 

Over the past 4 days, Russia has launched 140 strikes on the territory of Ukraine with drones and missiles, killing three civilians and injuring 14 more. As Russia conducts the largest-scale war in Europe since the Second World War, destroying and taking the lives of Ukrainian civilians, we are telling the world about Russia’s crimes and reminding Europe that the war is much closer than it may seem.

The XIV Congress of the European Conference of Ukrainians took place in Berlin, with the participation of the USCC delegation

Participants of the Conference of the European Congress of Ukrainians. Source: USCC. On May 27-28, the XIV Conference of the European Congress of Ukrainians took place in Berlin, with a delegation from the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center. This year EKU congress was dedicated to the organization’s activities in the context of a full-scale invasion….


April 2023: Sloviansk – 15 civilians killed, including a two-year-old boy; Uman – 22 killed, 5 kids; Kostiantynivka – 6 killed; Dnipro – 2 killed, a mother and a three-year-old girl. These people’s lives were cut short by Russian artillery and missile strikes at a time when Russia was not only waging a full-scale war against Ukraine but also heading the world’s key security institution – the UN Security Council. 

Blow to Russia’s rear: how sanctions affect Russia and Ukraine’s prospects

For a long time, Russian propaganda has been spreading the thesis that sanctions do not affect its economy. This opinion is especially loud for Western countries. In this material, we analyse how the sanctions have affected the state of the Russian Federation for more than a year of full-scale war.

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