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Under sanctions: the family of the owner of the Russian missile plant in Prague Obnosov, has been added to the Czech Republic’s national sanctions list

Since the beginning of May 2023, the team of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center, in particular Anastasia Sinhaevska, USCC representative in the Czech Republic, has been implementing a campaign that resulted in the inclusion of the family of the Russian missile magnate to the Czech Republic’s sanctions list. This happened on August 16.

Russia and Belarus: Blackmailing the EU and joint threats to Ukraine

The “migration crisis” on the EU’s eastern borders, ongoing for several months, has intensified in recent weeks, leading to a state of emergency in the Polish and Lithuanian border areas with Belarus. The issue of introducing the state of emergency is also being considered in Ukraine.  Another escalation has led to the death of migrants,…

Poker table of the Russian-Ukrainian war: will Europe throw up cards?

The Kremlin did not choose the course to destabilize Europe yesterday, and the threat from Russia is growing every year. On the one hand, NATO’s activation on the Eastern Borders is a positive demonstration of its capabilities.

Hungary stepping on the Kremlin’s rake

The agreement of Berlin and Washington with Moscow on implementing the Nord Stream 2 project this fall has jeopardized the security not only of Ukraine but of the whole of Europe. And the leaders of the Old World have already felt the first fruits of this step.

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