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How is the “Georgian Dream” destroying Georgia’s dream? 

Georgia, a country that has long been moving toward European integration, has recently witnessed changes in its political course. The Georgian Dream party, which previously promised to lead Georgia to the EU, plays  key role in these changes. Now, the party’s recent promises and actions directly contradict the country’s prospects to join the European Union (EU).

Co-founder of the USCC at the Dublin Symposium: “Russia will stop only when and where it is stopped”

On 14 November, USCC co-founder Olesia Horiainova became a speaker at the international symposium “How Russian propaganda and disinformation affects societies around the world” in Dublin (Ireland).

“Ukraine – Changing Epochs” representative of the USCC Kateryna Matey in the forum in Germany

On 10-11 November,a representative of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Centre  took part in the forum “Ukraine – Changing Epochs” in Inzel (Germany).  

For Russia the economy is only one means of warfare: Head of the USCC during a speech in Romania

On 9 November, the team of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center took part in a panel meeting “Ukrainian Language Day in Romania – an opportunity to reflect on challenges in the region” on the topic of Ukraine’s geopolitical challenges.

«Russian aggression is a trigger, a trigger for other terrorists around the world» – an interview with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence

A number of important events directly affecting Ukraine’s national security and defense took place in October. In particular, the publication of a letter of appeal “Memorandum to the President of the United States” signed by more than 40 national security experts from the Atlantic Council think tank and the US President’s address to the American people.

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