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Time passes, and the Kremlin’s criminal methods remain unchanged

At the end of 1999, an explosion occurred in a high-rise building in one of the residential districts of the Russian capital in Moscow, which gave Putin carte blanche to continue the war in Chechnya, because, according to the Kremlin, the blasting stretched the Chechen trail. On March 22, 2024, a shooting, arson, and explosions…

Shooting in the Moscow region – a terrorist attack organized by FSB

25 years ago, the Kremlin, led by Vladimir Putin, organized a terrorist attack on the Kashirskoye highway to justify the continuation of the war with Chechnya. The goal that Moscow is pursuing with today’s precedent in the Moscow region is the same: to create fear and radicalization among the population in order to mobilize and…

The XIV Congress of the European Conference of Ukrainians took place in Berlin, with the participation of the USCC delegation

Participants of the Conference of the European Congress of Ukrainians. Source: USCC. On May 27-28, the XIV Conference of the European Congress of Ukrainians took place in Berlin, with a delegation from the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center. This year EKU congress was dedicated to the organization’s activities in the context of a full-scale invasion….

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