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Serhii Kuzan, of Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center, appealed to Norwegian parliamentarians and the public in Oslo

On February 22, before the special session of the UN General Assembly regarding Ukraine, a demonstration was held near the Parliament of Norway in Oslo, at which the Chairman of the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation made an appeal.

Serhii Kuzan, Co-founder and Chairman of Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center appealed to public and politicians during a demonstration in Munich

голова Українського центру безпеки та співпраці на головній площі Мюнхену

On February 18 at the main square in Munich, the demonstration for the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council took place. The demonstration was held during the Summit of the G7 Foreign Ministers and the Munich Security Conference. Leading German politicians, members of the Bundestag, and a delegation of USCC took part in this demonstration.

Russia Planning to Use Red Cross to Falsely Smear Ukrainian Army – USCC

Russia Planning to Use Red Cross to Falsely Smear Ukrainian Army - USCC

Russian state security services have a plan to use the Russian Red Cross to stem the international community’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Security & Cooperation Centre (USCC), a leading strategic policy NGO currently embedded with the Ukrainian military.

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