USCC at the Ukrainian World Congress Summit – about Ukraine’s military victory

The Ukrainian World Congress Summit was held in the halls of the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest, bringing together over 200 leaders and representatives of Ukrainian communities from 55 countries and 5 continents.

Among the participants and honored guests of the event were representatives of the Ukrainian and Romanian governments, international experts, partners, supporters and friends of the UWC. The summit was also attended by UWC Coordinator of International Cooperation Solomiya Khoma.

Over the course of three days, the participants discussed key areas of focus for the UWC (i.e. victory, rebuilding Ukraine, and a strong Ukrainian world) and sought answers to the historical challenges facing Ukraine and the global Ukrainian community.

“An important component of supporting Ukraine in the war and its future victory is the weapons provided by our partners. Therefore, advocacy in this area is a key priority,”

said S. Khoma at the discussion panel on military assistance to Ukraine.

The Summit also featured panel discussions on the integration of Ukrainian immigrants into communities, promoting the policy of their return to Ukraine, developing mechanisms to counteract the “Russian world,” finding ways to build a youth movement in the diaspora, and strengthening unity and cooperation among the global network of Ukrainian communities.

As UWC President Paul Grod noted at the Summit, “There are many challenges today and we must think about how to organize life – to unite the new Ukrainian world around Ukraine.” The President of the European Congress of Ukrainians, Bohdan Rajcinec, emphasized the importance and role Europe has played since the beginning of the war.

The event was made possible thanks to the support of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania.

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