Monthly Archives: August 2023

Russian Hydra in Europe: Czech Republic Under Attack

To destabilize the internal political situation in European countries, Russia is waging a hybrid war that began long before its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The countries that actively support Ukrainians are the most pressured.

“Sorry, there aren’t any spots for refugees” – How a “special operation” turned into a war for the residents of Belgorod region

Over the course of more than a year of full-scale invasion, the front lines in Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions were pushed back by Ukrainian military forces practically to the border with Russia. It was precisely during that time when the residents of Belgorod region and other bordering territories, who had been considering buying summer plots in Ukraine, fully experienced life under the “cotton explosions” and the actions of Russian volunteer battalion fighters, as well as the Kremlin’s actual “concern” for the “Russian-speaking population”.

Under sanctions: the family of the owner of the Russian missile plant in Prague Obnosov, has been added to the Czech Republic’s national sanctions list

Since the beginning of May 2023, the team of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center, in particular Anastasia Sinhaevska, USCC representative in the Czech Republic, has been implementing a campaign that resulted in the inclusion of the family of the Russian missile magnate to the Czech Republic’s sanctions list. This happened on August 16.

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