Buryatia residents who moved to Crimea have already begun to regret their move – russian media

Buryats who moved to Crimea after the occupation of the peninsula, have already begun to regret their move and are planning to return to the “mainland” with the beginning of the so-called “special operation”. A Buryat newspaper even wrote about the real situation in Crimea.

In particular, the piece says that after the “claps” in Crimea became more frequent in the warehouses, airfields, as well as in the headquarters of the Black Sea Navy, not only tourists, but also the so-called “movers” began to leave the peninsula in massive numbers, no one really believes the official Russian Ministry of Defense’s version.

Despite the assurances by the occupation authorities that in Crimea everything is alright, the situation on the peninsula changed dramatically when the full-scale invasion began, especially for those who believed the Russian authorities and moved here during the “Crimea is Ours!” cries.

“Since the spring, the sounds of planes and helicopters have been heard every day, tourists have become scarce, the beaches are half-empty, the Simferopol airport has closed, and getting to central Russia is now only possible by train or bus over the Crimean bridge with transfers to the airport in Sochi. The prices of almost everything have risen sharply,” says a Buryat military pensioner, who, of course, supported the war in Ukraine.

After the occupation of Crimea, he sold his three-room apartment in Ulan-Ude and bought a two-room apartment in Sevastopol. Now the Buryat family decided to leave, they

put the apartment up for sale, but after two months there were only two interested buyers, and in the last case they offered to sell the apartment three times cheaper.

The piece also mentions several times that Ukraine considers the Crimean bridge illegal and that it is under the threat of “NATO missiles”.

“Who knew it would turn out this way,” says the Russian in hopes to return to the mainland without too much financial loss.

“As they say, Hope dies last,” the newspaper concludes.

Well, flee, it’s just the beginning. Ukraine will free all its territories. Crimea is Ukraine!

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