Yearly Archives: 2024

Ukraine was advocated for in Finland

The Finnish capital Helsinki hosted the Nordic Ukraine Advocacy Summit, which was attended by Olesia Horiainova, co-founder and deputy head of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation, and Solomiya Khoma, an expert on hybrid warfare and head of the USCC’s International Cooperation. The summit participants, representing civil society organizations from Ukraine, the Nordic countries and the…

How Russia’s economic lobby in the European Union works

Cанкції для російської сталі_USCC

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 27 EU states have imposed 13 rounds of sanctions on Russia. Since then, restrictions have been imposed on trade in oil, coal, timber, and many other resources. However, a serious loophole in the sanctions regime remains: European industry continues to buy raw materials classified as “critical” or “strategic”, such…

Ukraine “denazifies” Russian neo-Nazi units on the battlefield

On May 9, Russia celebrated the victory over Nazism in World War II. The message of the victory over Nazism is one of Russia’s fundamental state-building messages. In Russian ideology, the “Russian nation” is seen as almost the sole victor over the Third Reich, while the term Nazism is demonized to the maximum extent possible….

Kremlin intensifies sabotage and propaganda in the West ahead of EU elections

In the spring of 2024, Russia intensified its offensive not only on the Ukrainian-Russian front but also hybrid attacks against Ukraine’s Western allies. The delay in providing Western military assistance and the lack of a unified vision of an adequate response to the aggressor openly threatening Western states sent another signal to the Kremlin about…

Destruction of Russian armoured vehicles. Attempts to restore losses and possible impact on the front

Знищена російська віськова техніка

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has suffered heavy losses in both personnel and military mechanised equipment. Thousands of Russian tanks and armoured personnel carriers have been “utilised” over the two years of the war, and these statistics are constantly growing. For the enemy, they often become unrecoverable, and as a result, he…

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