The invincibility of Ukraine and Ukrainians lies in the irrevocable belief in our powers and victory, and in those that all criminals will be punished one day.

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The USCC team was one of the first who was collecting photo and video proofs of Russian crimes on just liberated territories of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson regions as well as on the front-line territories of Luhansk Donetsk regions. 

As of the censorship requirements, we can`t show you Ukrainians who were murdered by Russians by torture or got shots to the back of the head. We can`t show you those people, who were crippled as the result of missile attacks and attacks of artillery. We can`t demonstrate to you what Russian military aggression looks like, as it hides in the ruined lives of people.


Information about further exposures of the photo project will be posted on the pages of Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center.

This exhibition is presented for the first time in front of one of the UN headquarters in Geneva, as the exclusion from the UN Security Council will be the greatest punishment for the aggressor. As long as the veto is in the terrorist’s hands – we can`t discuss peace from a global perspective.


the reportage (Genève)

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The photo exhibition “The Year of Invincibility. The Point of No Return” was created by the team of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center. The team express gratitude on behalf of all the Ukrainians. The key battles are ahead, thus we hope your support stays with us. Distribution and copying of materials is possible only with the consent of UCBS representatives.