Hryhoriy Halahan: Ukraine is becoming an equal partner for NATO member states

Commander of the Special Operations Forces Hryhoriy Halahan is an outstanding example of a new generation of Ukrainian commanders who took oath in times of Ukraine’s independence and have a qualitatively different mindset.

Russia Planning to Use Red Cross to Falsely Smear Ukrainian Army – USCC

Russia Planning to Use Red Cross to Falsely Smear Ukrainian Army - USCC

Russian state security services have a plan to use the Russian Red Cross to stem the international community’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Security & Cooperation Centre (USCC), a leading strategic policy NGO currently embedded with the Ukrainian military.

Under the Red Cross brand, state terrorism is financed in Russia

Переселением украинцев в разные регионы России кремль пытается решить проблему рекордного естественного спада населения (1,4 млн человек в 2021 г.) и как следствие нехватку рабочих рук.

russian schools will talk about sacrifice for the motherland as Dagestan to open russian guard classes

russian authorities keep trying to turn the new generation of russians into obedient soldiers. Inaddition to the well-known Yunarmy, a militarist youth organization that was founded by therussia’s defense ministry, and special cadet classes, this year russian propaganda machinewill get to all the students. Starting September, russian schools will introduce thirty-minute classes called “Talks onimportant…

Buryatia residents who moved to Crimea have already begun to regret their move – russian media

Buryats who moved to Crimea after the occupation of the peninsula, have already begun to regret their move and are planning to return to the “mainland” with the beginning of the so-called “special operation”. A Buryat newspaper even wrote about the real situation in Crimea. In particular, the piece says that after the “claps” in…

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